Zumba and music artists

Zumba is cooperating with a lot of hot music stars for the music featured in Zumba® classes. Famous names include Shakira, Shaggy, Carlos Vives, Daddy Yankee and many more. Sometimes they produce music to be played first in Zumba® classes, sometimes they ask for a choreography, sometimes they remix a hit to be used in Zumba® class, etc. Why is that? Well, we know Zumba® classes have many students all over the world. This gives the artist a big exposure to an international audience. If their song is played in Zumba® fitness classes, they can reach different markets which might otherwise be out of reach. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Right now Zumba is the official global partner to launch Daddy Yankee’s new hit ‘Hula Hoop’ worldwide. There is an official Zumba choreography video that you can see right here:

Also see the official lyric video from Daddy Yankee’s youtube channel here. It’s featuring the Zumba choreo moves to the song as well.

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