Zumba is for everyone

Zumba® fitness is designed for everyone. Previous dance experience is not necessary. Every Zumba® class creates a party-like atmosphere that is inviting everybody to participate, regardless of personal fitness level and experience. It is not important to perfection the moves and achieve complete synchronization with the beat. What really counts is having fun while dancing along with everybody else. The instructor will have an eye on you to prevent movements that can cause injuries, but won’t over-correct your steps. Steps are easy to follow, just watch the instructor and feel free to add in your own style and variations.

Zumba® is suitable for all fitness levels as you are free to chose how much intensity to put in the movements. Listen to your body and take a break or a sip of water whenever needed. You will realize, with time your endurance builds up and you need less breaks. Don’t worry if you can’t follow all steps or your hips won’t move in a certain way, no one expects you to be perfect or judge you. Everybody will be busy enjoying themselves anyway. Don’t waste your time thinking what others would think, just shake along.

More experienced dancers and exercisers will still enjoy a Zumba® workout as with the catchy music and cardio-based dance movements combined with muscle toning moves, every Zumba® class is an effective and exhilarating workout. A Zumba® Fitness Party offers a change of pace and an opportunity to exercise in a different way than the usual workouts.

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