Social benefits of Zumba

Zumba® is a group dance fitness class. While at times it can get crowded, the general rule ‘the more the merrier’ can still be applied, as the energy level grows with the size of the group. In a Zumba® class the good energy just multiplies.

Dancing and group exercises can provide a new social context to make friends. Group classes give the opportunity for social interaction and can help to build relationships. The Zumba® community is especially warm and welcoming to newcomers. Everyone can come as they are and dance along in the fitness party called Zumba® class.

Opposed to normal dancing classes, in Zumba® the goal is not to learn that choreography by heart or to perfection that pirouette. It is about having fun dancing and sweating together. Just shake that booty and shimmy along with a big smile on your face. While instructors have an eye upon injury causing movements, individual style and expression are strongly encouraged.

To the benefits of Zumba® as a group class counts the mutual motivation of participants in the especially friendly and encouraging Zumba® community. Take a chance to get to know those people and find some fun new friends. You just have to love your Zumba® family. Working out in this friendly and fun filled atmosphere will motivate you even more to come to your next Zumba® class.

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