Forget about the workout and join the party

Join the party!

Zumba® is all about having fun while you work it. Why stress yourself with boring routines when in fact you can party yourself into your best shape?

Zumba® is exercise in disguise. In a Zumba® class you will have so much fun, you won’t even realize you are actually exercising. Each class creates a party-like atmosphere which is inviting everyone and provides a non-intimidating opportunity for new participants. Previous dance experience is not necessary, just feel the music and follow along the instructors lead. Don’t worry, there are no wrong steps, just unexpected solos.

A typical 1-hour Zumba® class – also known as Zumba® Fitness-Party – starts of with a warm-up to make you all set and ready and finishes with a cool-down including stretching. After all, we are still talking about a fitness workout here. The class will blast your mood with exciting music and a blend of easy to follow dance movements that will help improve your cardio, muscular fitness and flexibility. While being a great dynamic core workout which basically melts away calories, it also helps to nurture a high level of good vibes that will make you want to do it again and again. Opposed to a workout that you have to do, Zumba® is the workout you can’t wait to go. And the bonus of that? If you enjoy what you do, you will naturally increase the intensity of your movements and give your workout an extra kick. Sounds good?

Then what are you waiting for? See you in class.

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